Stephen Merchant, MBA, CPA, ABV, Senior Business Executive/Client

When you're researching the best executive recruiter in town, the name George Mancuso might come up. He's a consummate professional and takes on only those executive jobs he knows to lend themselves to his many years of talent acquisition experience. George is ready to take care of your workload with precision with hundreds of successful candidates under his belt. 

Give him time to look at your business and market relevancy before placing any judgment - because when prestige, integrity, and success are first and foremost, George Mancuso is the man who delivers. He's a consummate professional and takes on only those executive jobs he knows to lend themselves to his many years of talent acquisition experience.


Steve Briggs, President, Titan

Over the years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with George Mancuso and the team at Client Growth Resources.  In my humble opinion, this is the best of the best when it comes to executive search firms.  We received tremendous ROI from the placements, insights, responsiveness, communication, and an outstanding guarantee that CGC offers clients. 

GCR's extensive use of their state-of-the-art Video Interviews saved my team time and money while enhancing the decision-making process.  This technology greatly streamlines the process.  The clear differences between CGC and other firms are their communication and focus.  This truly sets CGC apart as other firms start out on fire and subsequently fade.  From start to finish, the CGC team provides constant feedback with candidates who clearly match the position.


K. Neal Rice, Director of Operations, Lean Manufacturing

What do I think of George Mancuso?

I have found him to be honest, reliable, trustworthy, and caring. He is a straight shooter who is available to his candidates’ morning, noon and night and will also call you on a weekend. He is persistent and always champions his candidates. He is experienced and works very hard for both his clients as well as his candidates. He is very thorough. He has become a friend.

How did I find George Mancuso?

I found him through the recommendations of friends and peers. He is held in high esteem in his profession.


James Owens, CFO, Wilkens Manufacturing

I have known George Mancuso for seven years. When I have a hard-to-place requirement for a role that requires demonstrated excellence, I always find George has a surprisingly large network and delivers great matches quickly. George placed a lean expert, Six Sigma Green Belt for me the same day I called. The candidate comes from the very narrow industry I am in. George Mancuso is the first number I call and others in my network call.

Wesley Knapp, Co-Owner and President, Goodie2chews.com

I often mean to send you a note of thanks for your newsletter. Your subject matter is typically spot-on regarding my own business, it's practices and environment. In just a couple of short paragraphs you often point out pertinent problems and then follow up with useful suggestions. I sincerely appreciate your desire to help me grow my business and to make it a better managed one as well. So, thank you Sir. I appreciate you and your efforts to educate me.

Bob Lowdermilk, President, Quantum Expositions

Last year, I had the privilege of meeting George Mancuso. He was referred to me by another professional that had worked with him for a number of years and who give him very high marks. Since that initial meeting, I have had the privilege of working with George on various projects. He has been a speaker to both exhibitors and job seekers at our Career Expo, and was a big hit with both groups. I admire his integrity, his work ethic, as well as his personal and professional approach to working with clients. I am looking forward to additional work with George in the future. I absolutely would recommend him to anyone who is serious about finding and retaining great talent for their organization."

Brenda F.,  Director of Human Resources

Client Growth becomes not just a recruiter, but a business partner for Human Resources. The hours and dollars saved for an Human Resource department to search for candidates and the results would not draw the qualified candidates that Client Growth provides.

Their response time is within hours, you don’t have to weed through any of the candidates to choose who you would be interested in interviewing, all are qualified.  Client Growth takes the time to understand your business, understand the quality of candidates that are required that will bring your organization to the next level, resulting in adding profit to the bottom line.

The professionalism, communications, hard work, and hours Client Growth works for our Human Resource department has been priceless, you want to make them a part of your onsite HR staff!

They care about the candidates' careers as well as finding qualified candidates for the employer. Client Growth is an organization that regardless of who you are networking with, a company is in search of candidates or someone in search of a position, no one matches the quality, professionalism, care, and knowledge they have to offer.

Tom Knight, President, and CEO of ComplyAbility

"I have worked with George numerous times over the last few years and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in the areas of business management, personnel administration and sales. He is extremely creative in his approach to the problems that face many a small business and his methods produce outstanding results every time."

Gail Foley, President and CEO at With Enthusiasm Products and Regional Leader with Send Out Cards

If you are in the market for new leaders in your organization, if you are searching for ways to retain the ones you have - look no further, George is the expert to help you. One of the finest, most caring, and enthusiastic business partners you could ever have on your team. I recommend George on a regular basis and he, in turn, helps me, a true partnership is what you get with George."

Mark Shaw, President - JMS Global Solutions

"George is one the best "Business Manager Consultants/Recruiters" of talent that I have had the pleasure of working within my career.

He excels working with companies on maintaining good employee retention programs; ensuring that the company's talent base is both skilled in their positions that help support and maintain good flow and that the company’s employees are excited about their company’s progress.

I would highly recommend George for companies who need to improve their employee retention and or their talent base.

Mark Shaw
JMS Global Solutions"
Service Category: Recruiter
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Brenda L. Collins, President, Zebraheard-A

"George is someone who is professional in all interactions with clients, business partners, or vendors. Operating with the utmost integrity it is enjoyable working with George. Skilled at growing a company along with creating a strong team environment I would recommend George in any business endeavor."

Steve Langley
Former President Osborne Industries

 "Hired George as a recruiter to find candidates in a very narrow field. George was able to ferret out an excellent candidate - neither the candidate nor I can figure out how he did it! George, in the process, became a coach who helped me deal with difficult internal situations. I highly recommend George Mancuso as a recruiter. You can also contact George on the other services he provides, which are quite broad.

Service Category: Recruiter
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Bob Fiola
Chief Financial Officer
Wilkens Manufacturing, Inc.

George is the CEO of our company and I have had the privilege of working with George for the past seven months. George is extremely perceptive and innovative in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resources, and safety program compliance.

George has an impressive comprehension of sales and marketing strategies as well as a keen perception of our customers, competitors, and the overall marketplace.

Motivation, employee satisfaction, sales, and cash flow have all improved as a result of George’s leadership. I consider George to be a friend as well as a manager and mentor.

Mr. Ken Bender
Promax Consulting
Aerospace Sales & Marketing

"As the new CEO of a consumer products company with national distribution, I discovered that my management team could benefit from some intense team-building training.  And, I wanted to align my company with a training provider that understood our company, our market, and our needs.  I didn’t want a canned program.  I wanted something that was developed specifically for us. 

George Mancuso and Gman provided us with exactly the training we were looking for.  It was developed to meet our needs and it delivered.  G Man provided quality training at our facility, and on our schedule.  With the real-life experience of George and his team, we also got very good value for our investment.  I am very pleased to recommend Gman for all your corporate training needs." 

Tom Marshall
Human Resources Director
Service Category: Business Consultant

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity "I have found George to be trustworthy and reliable with detailed knowledge of the market. He is a technically astute, street smart, can-do professional recruiter. I give George and his services my highest recommendation."

Patty Tally

Wow, George! Congratulations on the Grinnell Best of 2009 Award! You are so conscientious, hard-working, and considerate, I am very happy for you and pleased that you are receiving some well-deserved recognition. May life continue to reward your efforts well. Enjoy celebrating your award and achievements!

Brian G. Miller
Director of Sales Northeast Region

"I recall sending a similar congratulatory note last year, at around this time.  Congratulations again on this achievement!  Your professionalism and commitment to your industry are admirable and have been appropriately recognized.  I often refer to Gman Business Resources, in conversations with people, as being a great model of how to market a business.  Your diligence in sending a newsletter every Sunday is only one example of your commitment to staying close to your industry contacts.  I would have to believe that your continuous streak of receiving this honor will continue for as long as Gman Business Resources remains operational!  Keep up the great work, George, I know you will."

Angela Voos, CEO
Surgical Associates, LLC

"George applies his high energy and expertise to understand the culture of an organization and finding candidates who meet the expectations of the job.  He works tirelessly to find the right candidate and takes the stress out of recruitment.  He allows his clients to focus on the right fit." 

Tom Knight, President
Knight Enterprises LLC

“George is a tireless worker and a tremendous business asset for any company looking for the right person to fill a specific job. Relative to our last placement, George did all of the preliminary interviewing for us and sent us only the candidates that matched our specific requirements.

The end result was a "tremendous find" for our company. We could not be more pleased! If you are looking for the right person to fill a slot in your corporate environment, we recommend Gman Business Resources as the premier recruiter we've encountered in 35 years of business.”

Suhor Industries, Inc.

“George was able to respond in short order to difficult search situations. As his knowledge of the industry increased his candidates were right in line with what we needed.”

Kevin Giardini, Test Engineer
Hytel Group

I am not necessarily in the area of Sales, Management, Retention, or Customer Service, but I find George's newsletters useful and informative. I would recommend George's newsletter.

Silas Hoeppner, Sales Manager
Prairie Foam Insulators

“George brings his vast experience to the table - an extremely valuable asset to any business. His tutorials in sales and marketing were invaluable to the advancement of my career.”

Cory Blankenfeld, President
Total Choice Shipping

“George is a great businessman, who carefully takes time to get to know a client. We respect George's business morals and ethics to the highest degree. It is great to say we know someone as business savvy as George.”

Roger Erpelding, Program Administrator
Business Enterprise Program; Iowa Department for the Blind

"On March 30, 2007, George Mancuso, GMan Business Resources, gave a seminar on employee issues to the blind managers under the Iowa Department for the Blind's Randolph-Sheppard Program.  Recruiting, human resources and retaining employees was our main topic of discussion. In the food service industry, this is a constant challenge. 

We have many managers who have worked in our program for  over fifteen years. Therefore, it is hard to make an impression on people who have had this much experience. However, George's down to earth presentation definitely held our manager's attention. George was presenting for an hour, but we would have taken more, if time would have permitted. After our conference ended, many of our managers came to me to tell me of how much they enjoyed this presentation; I had to readily agree. 

I have GMAN's data, and when the future need arises, I'll be calling on this firm again.

Wesley Knapp, President
Wake Consulting, Specializing in e-Marketing for Real Estate Development

“Mr. Mancuso has helped me to hire the best in whatever field I'm seeking. I do not have the time, inclination nor the experience to interview and hire the best without assistance from this professional recruiter. I'm in business to provide results for my clients, not use them as Guinea Pigs to see if my new employee has the abilities required to complete the job.”

Mr. Kurt Woodward, President
TASS, Total Auction Software Solutions

I wanted to write you a quick note to say “Thank You”!, for all that you have done for my company.  It’s very rare in this day and age of business to find a company that actually implements all that they claim. 

In my opinion, you have gone above and beyond what you advertised.  Your communication was on time and very concise.  Your instruction was extremely helpful, and the candidates you found for my company were ALL extremely qualified.  I will certainly think of Gman Search when my company expands in the future.  Many thanks!! 

Jaylene Shea, Business Advisor
MAMTC, Mid America Manufacturing Technology Corporation

 “George is single handedly the best and brightest executive recruiter and business owner that I have had the privilege of working with. He is dedicated to identifying the most qualified, professional that will not only fit within your organizations culture but will also exceed your desired qualifications to get the job done. He listens; he understands and throughout the years has acquired an extensive database of qualified, professional, ivy league candidates.

He provides legendary customer service, while personally, ensuring that you, his client are extremely satisfied with the professional, candidates that you receive. George's attention to detail is impeccable. He is an integrity driven individual that truly cares about his clients’ organizations as well as his clients. If you need a quality, executive recruiter that isn't a paper pusher and devotes the time and attention to your business as if it were his own, then George is the person for you!!” 

Ms. Cindi Cervone, Business Development Liaison
Challenger, Gray & Christmas

“George has been nothing but a great help to me and my career. Whether it be through direct help with my projects or brief career-coaching moments, George always tends to provide great insight at the right moments. Thanks George!” 

Ramesh Manghimalani; Director;
McKinsey Consulting and Information Technology

"George is a consummate team leader. His strong technical skills are matched with an ability to bring disparate people together on difficult projects to get the job done. I greatly enjoyed being associated with George."

Ron Chiles, Business Development Manager
Ryder Transportation Systems

"I have known George both personally and professionally for over 10 years. In this time I have had the privilege of working for and with George at many levels. He has been a mentor and friend, though not necessarily at the same time!

 When you work with George you will find him to be thorough and determined when he takes on a task. These attributes are outshined only by his sincere care for the individual. Gman will be an asset to your organization!"

Kendall Kelly, Human Resource Director
GMT Corporation

“In a recent search for a hard-to-find supervisor, Gman was professional and provided a number of viable candidates to consider. Their follow up and assistance in securing an experienced professional was invaluable.” 

Dennis Livings, Senior Category Manager
Amgen Inc.

“I've known George for several years. While working with him on several career advancement employment opportunity searches, he proved to be an excellent communicator, quickly grasped what I shared with him and paid attention to detail. In addition, he is very thorough in exploring the match between a job/position description and a candidate's background in order to ensure a good match for the potential employer as well as for the candidate. All-in-all it was a pleasure working with him. I would recommend George to others if asked for a professional reference.”

Mr. Robert Hodgin, Staffing Manager
Ryder Transportation

“…..Gman Business Resources has been a tremendous 3rd party agency to supplement our recruiting efforts.  Quality candidates, record time and very cost effective.  I highly recommend George and Denise Mancuso and GMAN Business Resources.”

John Tobias, Vice President of Business Development
Ice Surface Development

“As president of Gman Business Resources, George is an excellent person to know. I value his integrity and creative approach.”

Tracy Dashner, IBM Technical Recruiter
IBM – Talent and Delivery

“George is an outstanding recruiter who can be counted on when you need him. George understands the focused needs of the Human Capital Management Practice of IBM/GBS and has delivered a high number of qualified candidates in a very short time. His can do attitude is backed up by results making George a valuable asset.” 

Mark Smith, Project Maintenance/ESH Engineering Manager
Northrop Grumman

“George was extremely professional and timely in working with my particular business needs. His assets of ethical behavior, business knowledge and consulting in Employee research and acquisition were unmatched by anyone I've ever used in the past. I would definitely recommend him to any executive level business looking for an above average recruiter.”