A Lesson on How NOT to Treat Job Seekers

Because I continue to receive 25 to 30 Emails a month about this subject, I decided to readdress this issue today even though I wrote about it several weeks back. So please indulge me on behalf of all of the people in the hunt for a job.

Several weeks ago in a major newspaper, in the editors section, a professional in search of a job wrote the following:

TO EMPLOYERS: “When interviewing prospective employees, put yourself in their shoes. See how it feels when you get flushed for a job after weeks of hearing you’re the top candidate!” Signed: “unemployed and frustrated”


Here are some true stories

A very talented sales lady I know, pursued a company that was searching for a VP of Sales, B2B environment within the services industry, AND she is highly qualified. She went through tag team interviews that last almost 4 hours each. She was told it was down to her and one other candidate.

Then they asked to prepare an in-depth plan of what she would do to succeed, even asking her to provide them with the types of documents she would use. They included contracts, proposals, follow up and pre-approach correspondence. In essence they asked her to teach them how to get the job done and she did thinking she was going to get the offer.

Then along comes the stalls with the most recent one, “the other candidate has some family issues and can’t meet with us for two weeks so we are going to hold off our decision until then.” She asked them, what does he have that I don’t? And what would prevent you from hiring me? Their answer, “if he turns out to be the best sales person in the entire state of Kansas!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a crock of porpoise poop.

Another candidate was told he had the job and to call the hiring manager on Friday. He calls and gets a 2 week stall but a tentative start date, but is instructed to call back on the Friday before start. He calls, gets another week delay. This has been going on for six weeks.

This is just 2 brief stories of multiple horror stories I have read about in my Emails. These are deplorable ways to treat our fellow human beings.

Come on hiring managers and authorities, “grow a set, will you please?” Stop pushing your procrastination style back onto the H.R. department. Stop playing with qualified candidates without regard for the consequences. Where is the integrity? Where is the honesty? Stop hoping that there will be one more candidate that comes through the door a tinge more qualified.

Indecisiveness of hiring people has been a contribution to the mess this country is in. And guess what, WE ARE RECOVERING IN SPITE OF YOU! And one day, in the future, when you least want it to happen, the fortunes will be reversed and sadly it will be your turn next. If you have hiring authority, I hope this is another wake up call, because we as the working public need it to be.

As always, if I can ever be of any assistance to you or your organization, please call or write and I will respond immediately! Have a tremendous week.

Regards, George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO (AKA, The Gman)

Client Growth Consultants, Inc.