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Client Growth Resources

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Client Growth Resources is your perfect competitive edge in a rapidly evolving landscape. Our talent acquisition solutions provide the ideal bridge between strategy and success, as we specialize in mid-to senior-level leadership for permanent or contractual placements with compatible corporate partners.

Our team at CGR is committed to providing every client with personalized service tailored to their needs and corporate culture. We understand how important it is that businesses find the right match between them and any contract or permanent employees they are hiring, so we take great pains to ensure each alignment meets your exact requirements.

Recruiting Specialties

Placement Retention Statistics

Our candidates consistently have 85-95% of the hiring requirements.

After seven years, 89% were currently employed with the same company.

54.3% of our candidates had been promoted at least once.

Typical placement from the start of the search to offer is 31-39 day range.

Private Equity companies should consider using Client Growth Resources as their talent acquisition partner due to its innovative approach and comprehensive services.

Client Growth Resources provides various tailored staffing solutions for Private Equity firms and can help them during times of high growth.

They specialize in assisting Private Equity companies in identifying the best candidates, negotiating employment terms, and then onboarding them quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Client Growth Resources offers strategic advice and bespoke consultancy services that allow private equity to maximize their return on investment from every hire.

With its team of experienced professionals, a broad network of industry contacts, and leading technology tools, Client Growth Resources is the ideal partner for private equity firms looking for successful hires.