Human Resource Executive Recruiting
Human Resource Executive Recruiting

Human Resource Executive Recruiting

Managers, Directors, Vice President, Chiefs including Generalist, Compensation, Benefits, Recruitin

Any good industry leader, knows the intrinsic value of the Human Resource Department.HR is typically responsible for Recruiting, Retention, Compliance, Safety, Drug Free Workplace Issues, Benefits, Compensation, Community Events, Disciplinary Counseling, Sexual Harassment Issues, Hostile Work Environment Issues, Job Offers, Terminations, Exit Interviews, New Hire Paperwork, Scheduled Performance Review Paperwork, Handbook Policies And A Confidant To President and/or CEO

Brenda Farham,  Director of Human Resources - MIC Group

Client Growth becomes not just a recruiter, but a business partner for Human Resources. The hours and dollars saved for an Human Resource department to search for candidates and the results would not draw the qualified candidates that Client Growth provides.

Their response time is within hours, you don’t have to weed through any of the candidates to choose who you would be interested in interviewing, all are qualified.  Client Growth takes the time to understand your business, understand the quality of candidates that are required that will bring your organization to the next level, resulting in adding profit to the bottom line.

The professionalism, communications, hard work and hours Client Growth works for ur Human Resource department has been priceless, you want to make them a part of your onsite HR staff!

They care about the candidates careers as well as finding the qualified candidates for the employer. Client Growth is an organization that regardless of who you are networking with, a company is search of candidates or someone in search of a position, no one matches the quality, professionalism, care and knowledge they have to offer.