Are You Using Your Greatest Strengths, Attributes and Qualities in Your Work?

Your speed, agility, physical strength, coordination, size, etc. would all play into your decision and you (or the coach) would pick which position you would be best- suited to play. If you wanted to be successful, you would play strategically to leverage those strengths and attributes.

  • If you are (or desire to be) a professional or executive, within the management or sales arena, answer these questions: ·
  • Are you playing to strategically leverage your strengths? ·
  • Are you making the most of your experiences? ·
  • Are you utilizing your skills to the fullest? ·
  • Do you have passion in your belly? ·
  • And from your actions, do your abilities shine through for all to see? ·
  • Tip: Take stock of your strengths and best attributes/qualities. List each of them and ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to leverage them in your practice (and life, in general).
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