As A Manager or Leader, Do YOU Fit These Concepts?

“….The finest Managers are always the strongest Leaders; and people who lose sight of guiding their team as opposed to dictating fall into categories such as micro-management, poor staff retention, and sub-standard results. Guiding on united goals, and motivating via an individual’s personal goals within an organization, is a way that Leadership should be practiced.” JG

 “…Leading from "the shadows" is the best way as it encourages individuals to contribute, to think for themselves and become confident in their own abilities and as a manager it is your responsibility to encourage those around you to act in this way. The strength is in the team and not one single individual, the weakest link can break the chain and it's the chain that turns the cogs.” DN

“….The manager should be a teacher, coach, or guide having a lot of patience. The best manager in my opinion is a one who has an objective in mind about grooming of his subordinates using all available sources. His personal guidance and training sessions are very important. He is a manager only because he knows better. It is manager who knows how to meet the tasks, what are the capabilities of his staff, who should be most suitable for a particular task, what are the available resources, how to utilize all of the sources in the best way, what to incorporate more to achieve the goals.” RNA

“….Unfortunately, most companies I consult with do not have the time to do this excellent questioning of their business growth, George. They are too busy chasing their tails: reacting. It is like the story of the Gatling gun salesman visiting Indians shooting with bows and arrows. "We don't have time to see you, we are fighting our enemy." CI

“….Management = effective and efficient acquisition, use and maintenance/retention of resources; Leadership = influencing people to a clearly defined goal

We fail to retain our people (in our teams) when we fail to combine these skills and we lose them from our organizations when we fail to recognize that they are PEOPLE and not machines and that they too have aspirations which exceed our vision for them. (Generally clouded by our sense of importance/value/indispensability)

Most managers recruit and lose their most valuable resource because they want to control it! People do not like being managed and if you have people who require it then, you're recruiting exactly what you think keeps you in control.

"A good manager should be employing staff who are better / more effective / more efficient and ultimately, the tasks being performed will be at such an exceptional standard that such a manager will be retained for his/her ability to consistently meet and/or exceed organizational performance requirements

.” As always, please accept my wishes for a tremendous week. And if I or any of my staff can assist you or your organization, please call or write and we will respond immediately!

Regards, George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO (AKA, The Gman)
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