Confidence is Contagious

As our economy continues to recover, this is the perfect time to get your “publicity” in gear. Just like Vince Lombardi coached his receivers, you need to; “act like you’ve been here before!” Lombardi’s philosophy was that the other team(s) would view his receivers capable of scoring a touchdown every time they handled the ball. In essence, the perception is to be that we are winners all of the time.

Coach Lombardi also said, “Confidence is Contagious. So is lack of confidence!”  When you have self-confidence, you have a feeling of exhilaration that is usually hard to beat. This feeling can quickly get you through unknown paths, uncomfortable situations and provide you with self-determination that almost makes you unstoppable in your quest for success.

Knowledge, familiarity, and comfort can be solid elements of trust in the eye of the beholder. 

We don’t have to be famous to get attention. Although in the absence of a full-blown media campaign, we do need to identify at least one thing that allows us to be “slightly famous.”

Without a complex marketing plan, how do we translate this into a presence in our target industry? 

How can we use personal or self-marketing to differentiate ourselves from others? How do we create brand loyalty and not just awareness?

Perception is reality, and the more self-confidence you “show,” the more likely success will be yours. 

The adage that people like to do business with successful people is as true today as years ago.

Look the part, back it with wisdom, caring, desire and determination, and you’ll be off to a great start. 

Carry yourself well with a good posture, heads up, eye contact, and a spring in your step. In other words, become a silent or subliminal personal billboard about YOU, and the balance of your requirements will begin to fall into place.

Every single day you step into the business world, look like a success, act like a success, and everybody around you will believe that YOU HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE!