It is Truly All About the People

1. ACCOUNTABILITY; Every employee must take ownership and accountability of their actions. No excuses, YOU MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. I don’t accept finger pointing and my method of resolving issues is simple. I get both or all parties of conflict in the room immediately upon being aware and then it starts something like this…..”….He said that you said XXX. Is that true?” Then I turn it around. Believe me once the word gets spread that people can’t pass the buck, the buck passing stops.

2. PROPRIETARY SPACE: We have to be very careful here as people who are insecure seem to take invasion of their space, very personal. But on the other hand, there are employees who just want to have their nose stuck in everybody else’s business. The later reminds me of the great big arm at the waste treatment plant…..continuingly stirring the pot! Spend your concentration and effort in YOU doing a good job and if one of your fellow employees is in some difficulty, offer to help don’t just impose yourself upon them. You can get more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.

3. YOUR REPLACEMENT; I am a firm believer that we should always be training our replacement. And when I state that, I inevitably hear, “well if I train her to do my job then they won’t need me here.” This of course is ridiculous and counterproductive to any professional team. What happens if someone experiences a catastrophic event in their lives and can’t work? Why not have the replacement trained and ready. Or what if a promotion comes along and you don’t get it because there is no one to take your place? Currently, it is very common and pretty much expected that loyal employees are willing and able to function in multiple roles. The more you know and the more you contribute the more valuable YOU become.

4. COMMUNICATION; In most companies, communication is at an all-time low. One almost must pry or extract in some way, needed information. Communicate via Email, written notes, telephonically or in person, but communicate with each other. Don’t believe that just because you’ve been employed at your company for a long period of time, you can come and go as you please. Communicate with each other. Learn about each other. Have healthy open discussions to help each other understand the goals, paths and/or expectations. And did I mention, “Communicate with each other?”

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