What is The Role of HR When Employees Quit Their Bosses?


If you are an HR Professional, what path should you take?

If you are an Executive or Owner running a company, what path should you take?



I firmly believe that over 10 years ago I personally coined the phrase, “Employees Quit Their Bosses Not Their Company” and now it is a well used but vastly ignored fact of business life.

Human Resources: You have performed several exit interviews and the bottom line continually goes back to unhappiness with the terminating employees’ supervisor. And the reasons for unhappiness can and usually are varied from lack of communication, disrespect in public, different rules for different folks, lack of consistency, no opportunity to grow, no interest in a suggestion(s), deaf ear on safety issues and the list goes on.

These stats must be presented not only to executive management by HR so that all members of the management team can quickly identify problem areas and react accordingly. High turnover percentages in any given department or supervisor, the estimated cost of replacement which is typically 50 to 75% of base salary, fixing a broken system or supervisor are all critical pieces of information need to stop a negative affect on the morale of the organization not to mention the bottom line on the P&L

Executives/Owners: If you are not getting this information you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle needed to be effective in your management posture. It matters not that you are a small, medium or large organization. Employee Retention IS a Management Issue NOT a Human Resource Department issue. I’m not suggesting that HR shouldn’t be considered an intricate partner but the marching orders typically come from the top.
And please remember three additional thoughts that I have echoed for years:

A. BAD companies condone bad managers and GOOD companies fix bad managers!
B. It is bad enough when an employee quits and leaves but it is worse when an employee quits and stays!
C. 90+% of the time the system is broken NOT the employees.

Employee Retention is purely a people issue and most broken systems can be repaired. Don’t be too proud to ask for help.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.