What is the Intrinsic Role of The Leader?

"So many great comments from our readers about the role of the leader. I share just a few excerpts with you."

“….the best managers are strong leaders, but I will add the rider that leadership is still difficult to define. Its success depends as much on innate qualities of the leader as on the situation in which it is applied and the people it is applied to. The best leaders have the ability to adapt their style to the needs of the situation and people involved.” SMC

“….Having superb listening skills, being teachable and having a level of integrity that precedes you.” CG

“….A leader is a visionary; he/she creates synergy and lays down his expectations for the team and gets a consensus from the team instead of dictating terms; the team then is able to use its own creativity, ingenuity, (and brains!) to achieve a common goal. Interesting to note, that a leader may not be an "expert" theoretically speaking and would rather harness the potential and energy of his team to achieve goals.” SM

“….leading from "the shadows" is the best way as it encourages individuals to contribute, to think for themselves and become confident in their own abilities and as a manager it is your responsibility to encourage those around you to act in this way.” DN

What is YOUR concept of a true leader? Do YOU possess the qualities YOU would like to see in YOUR corporate leaders?

It is my humble opinion, that as a leader walks through the halls of business, he is confident when he/she glances over his/her shoulder their followers are right close behind. They are close behind because of a demonstrated aura of confidence, knowledge, compassion, motivation, winning attitude, determined leadership and intrinsic team spirit. And the best part is, they want to follow a great leader and it shows!

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Regards, George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO (AKA, The Gman)

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