Where Has All of The Ethics, Principles and Integrity Gone?


“In the last 10 weeks I’ve probably received over 100 Emails about our readers complaining about the lack of integrity ethics or business principles of friends, family, co-workers, customers and bosses. It is from those Emails I give you excerpts which hopefully will give us all, pause to think of our future actions.”

Please read on and Enjoy!


Conversations like this, seems to play out in hundreds of businesses, families and freiendships, every single day

Midwest Business Consultant

“….I completed a consulting contract for an organization that has a young leader. It is has been well over 60 days and I still haven’t received my final payment, even though I’ve been told through Emails it has been approved for payment. Where has the ethics, principles & integrity gone when one doesn’t honor their agreement?”

Executive Vice President

“….Our executive leader continues to be a one person show. We are asked our opinions, we provide valid documentation to solutions and we get lip service to our face. But when push comes to shove, she just does what she damn well pleases. Where has the ethics, principles & integrity gone?”

Vice President of Engineering

“….When did they start teaching managers and owners to become the only source for decision making? This younger generation puts a hurt on themselves by thinking that they must have their fingers in every process of business. What happened to confidence, trust and integrity?”

Outside Professional Salesman

“….Recently I presented 8 business contacts with an outstanding deal to improve their business image. All 8 said that they would give me the order before the month came to an end, because I had special monetary promotion working. Only one signed. The other 7 disappeared off the face of the earth until the month ended. No response to Emails, no return of phone calls and when I did catch up with them the excuses were so lame it was pathetic. If they didn’t want to do the deal, why did they shake my hand, give me a commitment and then kick me to the curb? Where in the hell is the business principles integrity and respect for mankind gone?”

Job Seeker

“….I am blown away by the lack of humanity from hiring managers in general. I am a highly educated, extremely successful business executive that got caught in a HUGE downsizing. I’ve left interviews with hiring managers/human resource managers telling me that I did great and I can expect a call back or offer in the immediate future. Guess what happens…..silence is what happens. They don’t call back, they don’t respond to multiple phone calls or Emails and in my opinion they are replete with a disingenuous business personality that is driven by continual prevarications. (Yes that means lies) I wonder how their spouses, kids and grand kids would feel being treated like that. I doubt it would be an air of good feelings. The integrity in this world seems to have vanished. Who amongst us has any left?”

Almost Ready To Give Up on Man/Woman

“….My husband and I have reached a point of disgust with all of the duplicitous business people in this world. Disgusted with the crafty and insidious way we get lip service to quiet us; half truths if any truths at all; and dealing with people whose only goal in life is what is in it for them. And this list includes friends who only come around when they need something like a reference or to borrow something.

Well in our household we made a few new rules. (1) In major purchases or services we will no longer trade with anyone who hasn’t done business with us. (2) We will never do business with those of you who lie to us; (3) and finally, we DO get the message – we ARE going to take care of us first and make it a win for us and you are on your own to make it a win for you.”

Hopefully this helps clear the air for several of our readers. Sadly I have experienced most of what they are complaining about. Their points are valid, the situations are real and the results are mixed at best.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.