Who Are YOU?

For example, if your parents were to describe you, would their description sound the same as the one provided by your significant other? How about a description from your children? Your best friend? From a work colleague?

Would the description from your first boss sound the same as one from your last boss? It is likely that you would get many different descriptions (some slightly, some significantly) depending who you ask. It is the same for your clients, audiences and constituencies.

You are, and often want to be, perceived differently for each of the many roles you play (as consultant, teacher, writer, speaker, coach, author, financial adviser, etc.) or for the different industry segments you serve, or (for some) even for the clients in the different countries you might do business in. So what's the point of all this?

Having one standard bio, resume, C.V., or other descriptive information about you is probably not adequate. For the greatest leverage, tailor your communications (and perhaps even the picture that might accompany them) specifically for the audience you are serving. It is not as difficult as it might seem - you can shortcut your efforts by creating specially prepared pre-made "versions" through "cut and pasting" and customizing the material found within.

You might even try taking a fresh approach each time a request is made by first listing the key points you want to get across to the intended audience, and then determining what information to "re-use" and what parts you might want to create specifically for that particular request.