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A Serious Message for Hiring Authorities


FROM: George F. Mancuso, CEO, CPC

SUBJECT: Not Only Do We Have Your Back, But We Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars!!!!


1.  "If you are in the market for new leaders in your organization, if you are searching for ways to retain the ones you have - look no further, George is the expert to help you. One of the finest, most caring, and enthusiastic business partners you could ever have on your team.”

2.  "We hired George and Client Growth Resources as a retained recruiter to find candidates in a very narrow field. George was able to ferret out several excellent candidates - neither the candidates nor I can figure out how he did it! George, in the process, became a coach who helped me deal with difficult internal situations.”

3.  "Over the years, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with George Mancuso and the team at Client Growth Resources.  In my humble opinion, this is the best of the best when it comes to executive search firms.  We received tremendous ROI from the placements, insights, responsiveness, communication, and an outstanding guarantee that GCR offers clients. 

"....The clear differences between GCR and other firms are their communication and focus.  This truly sets GCR apart as other firms start out on fire and subsequently fade."

Since 1986 WE have been in the exact trenches you are in today.  We understand the cost of hiring mistakes; We understand the true cost of replacing employees and getting blindsided by untimely resignations; We have walked in those shoes, We have felt the pain but the very good news is, WE can and are willing to help!


  1. We will partner with you to eliminate hiring mistakes by identifying, qualifying and getting only the “A” candidates in front of you for the hiring process
  2. WE will provide you with a NO RISK Replacement Guarantee Policy
  3. We will learn your business, your culture, your needs, and your requirements before I reach out to candidates
  4. We will always begin your searches from my massive proprietary and confidential candidate database.

   WE  will always be Ambassadors for your company and will never compromise your authority.

Please CALL ME or EMAIL ME and Let’s Have A No-Pressure Ten Minute MEANINGFUL Conversation!

If we are a match, you can decide how we can move forward. If not, we shake hands and know that we each met someone new today.

George F. Mancuso
Retained Executive Search

P.P.S. TRUTH: I add the greatest amount of profits to my client’s bottom line in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of their effort, and with the lowest amount of their capital expenditure and risk involved…….(whew … a mouth full, but true)