Accounting Executives
Accounting Executives
Chief Financial Officer; ID p-88243-TB
Currently Based in Wichita, KS, Willing to Relocate
Dual Bachelors in Accounting and Business Administration, University of Kansas
Masters in Healthcare Leadership, Friends University, Wichita KS
Certified Public Accountant, Kansas
Senior Finance Leader, FP&A, Execution & Organizational Development
ID: p-67450 TH
Interests: Private Equity, Finance & Sustainability, Banking,
Titles Held: CFO, EVP, CEO, Senior Partner, Director of Finance, Controller, BOD
Academia: BS Economics, MBA Management, Graduate School of Business
Currently Based: Seattle, WA
Interests: Private Equity Firms
Titles: CFO, Controller, VP of Finance
Based: Illinois
ID: p-83194 WM