Private Equity Executives
Expert at Accelerating Growth and Enterprise Value

He is a go-getter with over 20 years of experience championing the cause and helping PE owners achieve their portfolio company investment thesis. He has driven several exit transactions, turnarounds, a global expansion for my clients' Fortune 500 companies - all while staying tightly focused on helping those companies become successful!

His extensive training at GE, prepared him from the perspective of both operations and international success stories that involve government work or commercial services domestically or internationally so they can tackle any business challenge head-on.

A sales-centric CEO with diverse industry and BoD experience, including aerospace (defense), environmental (cleantech) energy, SaaS/BPO services, medical devices(sterilization). 

A leader of high-performance teams who delivers best-in-class KPIs, this individual accelerates growth by using a revenue management strategy that aligns well with client needs. They also optimize organizational structure overall company performance through data-driven continuous improvement initiatives, which is crucial for success in today's market demands more from companies than ever!

They strategized while optimizing overall company structure performance through data-driven continuous improvement initiatives that align well with client needs.

A seasoned business strategist and product innovation expert with the experience to take your company from startup through expansion.

Innovative ideas are his middle name as he is skilled at identifying market opportunities for growth within both existing lines of work as well as outside them - this ensures constant success in capturing large volume deals!