Private Equity Executives
Private Equity Finance and Operations Executive

Directed the development of strategic plans to improve company performance. These included recovery from setbacks, raising standards for employees, and ensuring long-term success.

His ability to drive the implementation of new processes, policies, and technologies into a business environment is what made this individual so successful.

He created a robust supply chain that consistently delivered above expectations while also being responsive enough for upper management's approval.

He implemented new systems, procedures, and directives that improved financial visibility and transparency. Thus, ensuring total compliance with internal/external regulations by establishing Finance as a Business Partner for the company's success in all areas of business activity through an innovative approach to management consulting services.

He worked closely with members from Financial Services organizations while providing strategic direction on how best they could serve customers. 

Especially those who needed guidance around their complicated tax situations or rules surrounding retirement funds transfers out America - something not many companies were willing to do at first glance, but which turned into one of his most substantial and most vital partnerships over time.

For this COO, it was necessary to instill the right culture to reach employees' full potential and achieve happiness. Focused on empowering employees, the leader made it clear that there was accountability for success.  He held team members accountable and acknowledged their hard work in becoming proactive contributors to organizational success.  A Genuine Private Equity Executive!