Private Equity Executives
Senior Executive for Private Equity

He thrives on the creativity, challenge, and teamwork of growing a business. After his early career working for other people, he has been involved in 5 companies and had a successful exit with all of them: 2 start-ups and 3 early stages.


He is a seasoned executive with more than three decades of proven results leading well-performing organizations. He has the skills to encourage your own company’s success.

His entrepreneurial and senior-level history is solid in the food manufacturing, distribution, and restaurant industries. He has demonstrated tremendous successes as COO, CEO, President, SVP, and EVP.

He brings an inclusive leadership style that will help you build and lead a team and galvanize support for your initiatives. His interpersonal style is collaborative and authoritative.

He has a winning resume that aggressively tackles challenges and manages change with courage, teamwork, and ruthless efficiency. An imaginative visionary at heart,he is not intimidated by bloated budgets or intransigent colleagues; he galvanizes supporters for your company's future success through inspiration and follow-through.

With his deep practical experience in diverse industries—and his hands-on involvement to help turn around floundering business units—he knows how to inspire loyalty without battling turf wars, court battles, or wasteful infighting.