Private Equity Executives
Senior Food Executive - Heavy Food Manufacturing Operations

A consummate professional, this strategist conceptualizes and launches products that command consumers' attention to delivering revenue performance for national retailers delighted by delivered goods or services they can be proud of and content with knowing how much value is placed on their businesses!

This highly driven individual thrives off being able not only to lead but do so at every turn possible: whether it's breathing life into ideas through creativity & education, gathering resources from individuals around himself (and getting everyone involved) for any given project.

He is a leader who's shown time and again that he is ready for any challenge. A self-made man with more than enough grit to survive in this competitive world he helped create - don't let his outward appearance fool you: when push comes to shove, there isn't much this executive won't take on any challenge!

He has a knack for turning around companies, and I know how to get things done. From teaching people, the intricacies of Lean manufacturing techniques or leading projects with an eye towards SPC across multiple sites, my strong suit is getting results no one else can achieve! Often, it's hard enough to be in charge at your day job, but when you're doing both operations AND sales?  With all this success under his belt comes responsibility: It takes more than skill alone if we want our work lives fulfilled as individuals too.

"It is being able to bring my knowledge as an expert builder of talented people at each level within these fields of teaching 65 hourly teammates how to make improvements that will lead to cost reduction—also, taking over when needed from him by setting high standards on what should happen with every project or goal completed by working directly one-on-one where necessary."