Supply & Logistics
Supply & Logistics
Global Supply Chain Senior Executive

The candidate is a seasoned Senior Level Global Supply Chain Leader …

He is a seasoned Senior Level Global Supply Chain Leader, who has spent years managing multi-plant operations domestically and internationally. He is a comfortable expert with strategic supply chain spend of millions of dollars, which is why you should consider hiring him for your organization!


Relationship & team-building experiences

Design, development & testing of products

Actively engaged with high profile projects & technology

Deployment of Lean philosophy across all business processes

Technical problem-solving utilizing Shanin, RedX & Lean Six Sigma

Product manufacturing from incoming of materials to final shipment to customers

Supplier quality with total product quality engagement from supplier to end-customer

Neville's competitive advantage is his continuous learning. He engages with peers, mentors, and the alignment of industry experts through his continuous learning program to produce a wide network that always brings new ideas for him personally or professionally.

Neville is a go-to person for complex challenges! He has worked on products, processes, and quality-related projects. His strength lies in quickly resolving the issues through collaboration with his team members using data analysis skills.