Supply & Logistics
Vice President of Global Logistics and Supply

He has assisted private equity firms in restructuring operations, position companies for sale, and implementing tools that would make them profitable. He has a successful history of solving complex problems at any business level, which has led him into strategic thinking and an analytical approach towards strengths within the organization. His experience of solving these types of tasks is second nature because it is something he does all day long!

He is a Six Sigma Black leader in logistics and finance and has led teams of up to 750+ employees across North America. As his experience grew, so did the company fleet size, with him at its helm with 150 power units and 1,000 trailers weekly while overseeing P&Ls of $140M+. He directed a team of 9 direct and 700 indirect reports. His concentrated work focused on strategically transforming the business, coordinating with partners in Mexico City for implementation while strategizing about how best to execute streamlining campaigns across China.

His expertise is not limited to just these departments; it also includes budgeting & sales management for businesses all over this region—which means you can expect no shortage of what's essential when working together!  His track record has helped take companies from start-up status right into Fortune 100 Networks.