Senior Executives
Senior Executives
A C-Level International Executive

A leader of international business has transformed middle-market private equity portfolio into high-performing teams and improved operations.

A well-known figure in the industry for his expertise with transformation and growth rate increases at each new position held; He is also known as one who can create strong working relationships between those on your team and the internal organization.

His experience over the past 30 years was a defined commitment from integrating and growing three acquisitions in three different countries during his successful 17-year career at United Technologies Corporation. He advised CEOs of small privately held manufacturing companies across America to be more effective leaders, inspiring them with insights he had gained during this time as well as providing mentorship programs for future business owners looking into starting their own ventures.

He is someone willing to do whatever is needed, without complaining or giving up; And, who knows how important teamwork is because he has walked in those shoes!  His dedication has helped many undergraduates reach graduation day by making sure every student gets an education.

As a confident, visionary leader with an immense drive and focus to continuously improve his business, he is well known to work effectively at all levels of communication. This individual helps engender sharing ideas among employees through timely decision making that gives them confidence in what they are doing--a trait not found much today as it did decades ago when people were more open about things such as finances or projects beginning on deadline without final approval first!