Senior Executives
Senior Executives
ID: p-86009 JD
Skills: Executive Management, Manufacturing Operations, P&L, M&A, Private Equity, Lean and Six Sigma, Multi-Site, Product Development
Industries: Food Manufacturing, Plant-Based, Bio-Based, Agricultural, Pet, Nutraceutical
Titles Held: CEO, COO, President, GM, Operations Management
Academia: BS Chemical Engineering, MBA Business Management
Currently Based: Florida
Interests: Private Equity, Manufacturing, Industrial Services, Aerospace and Defense, Packaging, Food Manufacturing.
Titles Held: Operating Partner, Managing Director, Director of Manufacturing & Operations, COO, CEO, President & General Manager
Academia: BS in Aeronautical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Currently Based: Florida
ID: p-85412 RB
Interests: Metals Manufacturing, Specialty Vehicles, OEM Parts
Titles Held: President, SVP, VP
Currently Based: Atlanta, GA
ID: p-44585 PS
Interests: Equipment Manufacturing, Private Equity, Metals & Plastics OEM Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing
Titles Held: CEO, EVP, SVP, VP
Based: Currently based in Houston, TX
ID: p-17887 RK