Senior Executives
CEO Food Manufacturing Executive

This candidate is a dynamic and driven individual who has the know-how to produce top-notch results in various industries. He dove right into my work with excitement, lending his skillsets from experience across multiple sectors to help us accomplish our goals quickly.

He is a seasoned international business professional with years of experience in various industries, especially food manufacturing, including operations, sales, marketing, and executive management.

His diverse skill set has given him an edge felt across the board - from engineering, manufacturing, assembly, supply chain to operational excellence initiatives development through mergers & acquisitions (M & M&A) and private equity/investors' relations, all while managing profits expenditure budgets.

Finance-wise, you'll find nothing sacred when dealing with this guy: he knows how money moves throughout a company, so if there are any questions about P&Ls, just let him lead the way.

As General Manager, he led the company's transformation into an industry leader by increasing revenues by 40% in just one year. Under his leadership, we achieved 100% growth for three consecutive years and an 800% free cash flow increase within four short years!

In his last role as COO, he developed a written strategic plan for the company and implemented crucial operational controls which supported scaling up by more than 10 times in 2019 over 2018.