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I recently completed a “sales post mortem” for a national company after they lost a huge sale.
First off, if your revenues have been the same year in and year out, your growth is not only flat but most analyst would agree that you are going backwards by not going forward! Allow me to share a story with you about a Golden Eagle and maybe this will help make some sense of “why change.”
Our training department develops performance-based training around the tasks that workers perform. We understand this approach aligns with industry best practices.
What is good about a micro manager? Not much!

Questions from our readership about micro manager issues follow:
In the real business world, I have not only practiced what I preach in these newsletters about this subject, but there has been a lot of research conducted about what makes up managers and leaders.
Have you ever said or heard, "How Are You" when you make or receive a telephone call?
Quite some time ago, I read a survey printed in the Harvard Business Review and it suggests that only one of five companies claims to be winning and one in ten claims to have lost.
The executives’ I am speaking about are those who almost always seem to have something going wrong within the organization. This includes employee retention, sales, costly errors, undertone of dissension and poor performance to name a few issues.
I have received hundreds and hundreds on responses relative to “The Leader Discussions;” here are just a few for your consideration.
What follows is a letter from a good Missouri based client and he asks, "....How Do I Fix Me?" Remember that your thoughts of today are programming your tomorrow.
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