The staffing and recruiting industry has become highly precarious, with existing market strategies failing to see eye-to-eye with their perceived value propositions. This enigma has left many recruiters feeling dissatisfied with their current circumstances.
As a business professional, you must be the catalyst in cultivating leaders within any organization. Understand that influential figures don't produce seconds-in-command; they use their power and expertise to enable other capable individuals who can become forces of change from top management down.
To put it simply, you can measure the ROI of your top performers by looking at their performance. Some other ways might give more insight into what is going on with them and how they're doing in general, but this will be a starting point!
We know that developing strong relationships with those you supervise is vital for success. A "competency framework" could help our managers improve their ability to do this and especially emphasize the growing importance of building an engaged workforce! What role-playing or other exercises have been most effective in teaching these skills?
Performance retention is an essential aspect of company culture. The return on investment can be measured by looking at the number and percentage increase in productivity, which ultimately leads to increased revenue for your business over time as well!
There are many ways to make yourself into one, but there is only one way that's guaranteed for success: be humble with
others and always think about what they may want or need before acting on your own desires.
There are many ways to make yourself into one, but there is only one way that's guaranteed for success: be humble with others and always think about what they may want or need before acting on your own desires. To get started in the right direction, here are 16 points to ponder.
Vince Lombardi the renowned former football coach of the Green Bay Packers once said, “When you get into the end zone and score a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before.” What do you think he really meant by that statement?
I was thinking about an old story about a pig, a cow, and a chicken. It seems the pig, the cow, and the chicken were hanging around in the barnyard talking about the farmer.
Retained Executive Recruiters have the experience to make an impact on your company. Hiring these experts will produce more qualified candidates in less time, saving you valuable resources for other important projects.
New Buzz Word:
Workplace Ghosting, which I defined as the practice of ending or running away from a workplace relationship. Typically, this happens suddenly and usually without explanation through the withdrawal from all communication.
Depending on who you ask to describe you, you will more than likely get a picture that is directly related to your relationship and interactions with them
Is this language in your repertoire?
Your business IS a PEOPLE Business
There are all kinds of ways disgruntled employees can anonymously attack their current or former employers via the Internet. Why put yourselves into that arena?
If you wanted to become a professional athlete, early on in your quest you would pick the sport to focus your efforts based on your strengths and attributes.
Below is a true story that was related to me by one of my clients in Kansas. This is shared with you with their permission.
I receive at least 25 to 30 Emails a month about this subject
Question from a Reader: . Can you offer any “magical” guidelines for me personally and that I can share with all of my employees at all levels?
The best hiring managers spend copious amounts of time searching for ideal candidates. And many times, this means going through a rigorous process. But if the journey takes longer than a month, it’s highly likely that they’ll lose out on top candidate(s).
“Everyone on the team should be continually training their replacement!” Yes that’s right, train the people around you just like they were going to replace you. And I direct this to ALL levels within your organization, from the mail room to the board room.
I realize how important it is to have a solid vetting process to enable the hiring authorities to make the right decision from within the candidate pool. Or perhaps instead of saying the “right” decision, I should say the “best” decision.
Handling them, is a skill that is inherited or needs to be learned.
“My sales people set goals, but don’t seem to achieve their goals on a consistent basis. How can I turn this around and help them and us achieve “our” goals?”
I recently completed a “sales post mortem” for a national company after they lost a huge sale.
First off, if your revenues have been the same year in and year out, your growth is not only flat but most analyst would agree that you are going backwards by not going forward! Allow me to share a story with you about a Golden Eagle and maybe this will help make some sense of “why change.”
Our training department develops performance-based training around the tasks that workers perform. We understand this approach aligns with industry best practices.
What is good about a micro manager? Not much!

Questions from our readership about micro manager issues follow:
In the real business world, I have not only practiced what I preach in these newsletters about this subject, but there has been a lot of research conducted about what makes up managers and leaders.
Have you ever said or heard, "How Are You" when you make or receive a telephone call?
Quite some time ago, I read a survey printed in the Harvard Business Review and it suggests that only one of five companies claims to be winning and one in ten claims to have lost.
The executives’ I am speaking about are those who almost always seem to have something going wrong within the organization. This includes employee retention, sales, costly errors, undertone of dissension and poor performance to name a few issues.
I have received hundreds and hundreds on responses relative to “The Leader Discussions;” here are just a few for your consideration.
What follows is a letter from a good Missouri based client and he asks, "....How Do I Fix Me?" Remember that your thoughts of today are programming your tomorrow.
So many great comments from our readers about the role of the manager. I share just a few excerpts with you
"The Job Of Leaders Is Not To Create Followers, It Is To Create More Leaders."
Many candidates have complained to me over the years about “bait and switch” tactics to screen them out of an active candidacy because of a disability, minority or seasoned candidate status.
If you are an HR Professional, what path should you take?

If you are an Executive or Owner running a company, what path should you take?
“In the last 10 weeks I’ve probably received over 100 Emails about our readers complaining about the lack of integrity ethics or business principles of friends, family, co-workers, customers and bosses."
"....I almost didn’t believe my ears when he described he Human Resource department as pure overhead expense plus a few other negatives."
Does your company confuse allegiance or loyalty with tenure? If so, there may be a rutted rocky road ahead for your organizations future. It is well documented in today's’ marketplace that tenured employees, who are replete with obsolescence, can bring productivity to a slow death.
I get asked many questions about leadership and team players. So, with that in mind, here are six points every leader, manager, director or team player should know
If you are in any type of leadership, management, mentoring or motivating role, please take inventory of you and your methodology
How Do I Fix The Roadblocks That Family Members Have Put
In My Path To Achieving Our Company Goals?