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The executives’ I am speaking about are those who almost always seem to have something going wrong within the organization. This includes employee retention, sales, costly errors, undertone of dissension and poor performance to name a few issues.
I have received hundreds and hundreds on responses relative to “The Leader Discussions;” here are just a few for your consideration.
What follows is a letter from a good Missouri based client and he asks, "....How Do I Fix Me?" Remember that your thoughts of today are programming your tomorrow.
So many great comments from our readers about the role of the manager. I share just a few excerpts with you
"The Job Of Leaders Is Not To Create Followers, It Is To Create More Leaders."
Many candidates have complained to me over the years about “bait and switch” tactics to screen them out of an active candidacy because of a disability, minority or seasoned candidate status.
If you are an HR Professional, what path should you take?

If you are an Executive or Owner running a company, what path should you take?
“In the last 10 weeks I’ve probably received over 100 Emails about our readers complaining about the lack of integrity ethics or business principles of friends, family, co-workers, customers and bosses."
"....I almost didn’t believe my ears when he described he Human Resource department as pure overhead expense plus a few other negatives."
Does your company confuse allegiance or loyalty with tenure? If so, there may be a rutted rocky road ahead for your organizations future. It is well documented in today's’ marketplace that tenured employees, who are replete with obsolescence, can bring productivity to a slow death.
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